Practice Areas

GAO Law Firm is specialized in business and transactional cases, which include corporate & business law, business immigration and other related services. We mainly provide legal services to businesses of all sizes, international entrepreneurs, families and individuals.

Our law firm focuses on supporting entrepreneurs and startup founders, guiding them through the process of conducting business in the United States. We provide comprehensive legal assistance in areas such as company structure, equity design, investment and Mergers & Acquisitions, intellectual property registration, contract review, and more.

Furthermore, we offer guidance to entrepreneurs, their families, and employees on navigating the immigration process to the United States. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in immigration law allow us to provide thorough services to help clients achieve their residency and employment objectives in the U.S.

GAO Law Firm remains committed to delivering professional and high-quality services. Our integrity, pragmatism, and reasonable fees have earned us increasing praise and trust from our clients. With our extensive legal knowledge and expertise, we are confident in our ability to provide exceptional support tailored to your specific needs.